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  • What is your refund policy?

    • Full refund if you cancel within one week of the workshop. ​

    • ​50% refund if you cancel under a week before the workshop and no one takes your spot from the waitlist. Full refund if your spot is filled from waitlist. ​

    • No refund for cancelling the day before or day of. 

    • No refunds after the workshop.

  • Will I need to bring my own burn clothes?

    • Yes. We will provide some safety layers but you are responsible for bringing the required materials.​

  • Does it really need to be 100% cotton?

    • Yes. Cotton fluffs and flakes away while synthetics will melt. We do allow for 1% spandex in jeans. ​

  • Do I need to remove piercings?

    • Yes, if they are exposed. If your piercings are close to your body we still recommend removing them if you can. If you cannot remove a piercing then let us know so we can take extra precautions. ​

  • What about contacts?

    • Yes. They heat and fumes may irritate or damage your contacts. Please bring your glasses, contact case, and contact solution. ​

  • Can I do a bigger burn?

    • We love that you are excited to go big! Our process focuses on safety and performance so we take into consideration past experience when adding fuel. If you have worked with flames before we will consider and discuss options for a bigger burn. We reserve the right to have final say over how big the burn will be.

  • Can I do a flip!? 

    • We also love your excitement to do fun things with your burn! Please bring us your ideas and we will do our best to make them happen. If you are just starting out we will recommend that you start small to understand how the flame and heat moves. Once you have burned a few times we can discuss choreography and playing to the camera. Fire ALWAYS looks cool. Our focus is to make sure you can make it work for the camera when you are hired for a job. ​

  • Can I burn again? 

    • We do one burn per workshop but can absolutely join us at another one in the future.​

  • Can I work with your team?

    • We are thrilled you enjoy fire as much as we do and that you like our process enough to want to work with us! Team members and volunteers are selected on an as needed basis but we would be happy to consider you and discuss future fire options. ​

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